Monday, September 25, 2006


Sup guys! Havent updated for a couple weeks...MY BAD. Nitish, Gaelan, Adrian, and I rode 2 sundays ago at the Berkeley Hills. We started at Adrian's dorm and rode up Tunnel, through Skyline down Redwood, Canyon to Moraga Way, and back to UCB through Wildcat. Also, we took some good picsB-Boy Nitish

N-bomb straight postin on wildcat

Gaelan is so cute

Gaelan floatin up Wildcat pullin a straight up Lance Armstrong Cadence

Totally swoll, displaying his UFC roots Greg "so hot that it" Burns strikes a post for the camera.

Greg and Gaelan absolutely CRUSHIN it up wildcat.

The official road team pic.


I am now happy to give the rider nicknames to the road team...

Nitish- ROBBIE MCEWEN because he's a little guy that packs a mean punch when it comes to servin it to the line.

Gaelan- Damiano "the little prince" Cunego because he's so suave and keeps it real for the he looks like him

Greg- BOONEN because at like 6'2" hes got the stature, the legs, AND the sprint YEEEHAWWW!!!

Thanks for Checkin it out!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


This winter I will be training with PowerCranks to help improve my spin, power, and overall fitness. PowerCranks were developed to allow a rider to pretty much do isolated leg workouts throughout an entire ride. Each crankarm works independently of each other and this results in a grueling workout that if done consistently can improve ones spin, muscle imbalance, and power enormously
On Tuesday I will install them then I will start out with like 10 minutes a day then add 2.5-5 minutes or something per week. It'll be hard but it should show resuslts hopefully next season. STAY TUNED FOR WEEKLY REPORTS!!!


This is the first official post for the TEAM NRL race team blog. Its easier than a website and twice as trendy. STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!